I’m an architect who prefers to draft with a pencil rather than with a computer.

This blog, a work in progress, is for consideration of things that interest me, and seeing where they lead.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Laura…just happened upon your site and since I’m ‘old-school’ immediately went pencil.
    the most frustrating dilemmas I’ve faced over my 30year tenure in this wonderful profession is the lack of understanding and respect for professionals who will never:
    personally embrace the computer
    reach the speed of autoCAD of the kids
    think through on screen without pencil
    and perhaps the greatest shock of all…NOT being seen as an asset to firm’s who require [now more than ever], a PM to guide, teach, detail and problem-solve in the studio.
    …when computers appeared…architects’ made a knee-jerked, reactive mistake by destroying the STUDIO by ‘removing’ instead of just ‘adding’ this new tool. my last 8 years have witnessed firm’s which have resembled insurance companies rather than architect studios…long gone the excitement of conversation around a ‘drafting board’, exchanging ideas, argumentative passions defended. now…
    just the quiet din of computer keys, mouse clicks, printer/plotter buzzes.
    Hey kids…remove your ‘ear-buds’ and look ALIVE!
    I gotta GO…

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