The Color of Light

Enjoying the good fortune to be in Vernazza, Italy a few years ago, on a May morning after breakfast,  I did this watercolor sketch of the waterfront. The early light had a blue tinge. I saw slightly gray colors. The forms were softened, as if by a haze.

Later that afternoon around three o’clock, I sat in the same spot and resumed painting the waterfront. The building at the far right of the first painting is more or less the same as that on the far left of the second one.

At this hour, the light had a warm cast.  The forms were sharp, colors saturated, contrasts high.

Light changes color and character continuously during the course of a day. One of the pleasures of painting outdoors is being mindful of the color of light, and capturing a moment in time.

All images belong to Laura Kraft-Architect. Feel free to share any of these images, but please provide a link back to 2H Pencil. Thanks.

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