Clean and Simple

Design is a response to needs/wants. This backsplash design was generated in response to 5 things my client wanted:

  • a display shelf above the kitchen counter
  • a way to prevent various forms of kitchen crud from settling into seams
  • a cleanable surface behind all cooking activities
  • continuous, concealed power access under the upper cabinets, with no penetrations into the wall
  • concealed task lighting

Custom fabricated stainless-steel back splash with integrated shelf.

Continuous plug strip at wall, task lights forward. (One off and one on in this photo.)

Flush termination of steel at end of wall. Radiused transition between shelf and wall eliminates a seam.

Section Detail

All images belong to Laura Kraft-Architect. Feel free to share any of these images, but please provide a link back to 2H Pencil. Thanks.

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